Class Descriptions


As the foundation for all types of dance, students will learn proper positioning and vocabulary while developing flexibility, poise, strength and grace.


Using a low center of gravity and a high level of energy, dancers will grow in technique and expression as they learn to interpret moves and make them their own.


A wonderful outlet for creative expression! This genre of dance is a fusion of the strength and control of Ballet with the fluidity of Modern and Lyrical movement set to a variety of musical styles.


Dancers will enjoy learning about rhythm and timing as they produce sounds with their feet, focusing on the combination of technique and style.

Hip Hop

Dancers will have a blast as they learn hip hop moves old and new! Upbeat and fresh, and always age appropriate, this class will encourage group synchronization and individual style through the latest trends in dance and music.

Boyz In The Houze (grade school/middle school)

This class encourages boys to express themselves in a fun and high-energy environment. They will learn the latest hip hop steps while celebrating old school classic moves.

Dance With Me (ages 0-5)

Caregivers are encouraged to wear your babe or dance alongside your toddler as you share this hip hop experience. Kids and adults alike will have a blast as we get our jam on!

Creative Movement (ages 3-5)

As an introduction to dance, children are encouraged to use their imaginations as they learn basic steps and rhythms.