General Information

Dress Code

* All students will be required to wear uniform tights and footwear for recital.

* All classes have a dress code with a specific uniform. Uniforms can be ordered online through Revolution Dance. See order information at The Dance Sanctuary. Dance shoes should be ordered from The Dance Sanctuary by using our sizing kits to ensure the proper size is ordered.

* Street shoes are NOT allowed in the studio, and all dance shoes are NOT allowed to be worn outside of the classroom. These guidelines are in place to both help maintain the integrity of the studio floor and the integrity of the shoes themselves.

* A dance sweater or leg warmers may be worn for warm up, especially on chilly days.

* All leotards should NOT be low cut, see-through, or bare mid drift. No stand-alone sports bras, crop tops, or bra tops.

* Hair should be put up in a secure ponytail, bun or braid. Short hair should be pulled back away from face with a secure headband or clips.


All students are expected to attend class on a consistent basis. If a student must miss a class, we kindly request you let the teacher know.

Make Up Classes

When a student misses class, he or she has the option to make up the class in a similar level with teacher approval. All make up classes must be taken before the current semester ends. Any excessive absences will be addressed, and may affect participation in the year end recital or other performance opportunities.

Class Cancellations

If class is cancelled for weather or for any other reason, the teacher will send out an email notification and post it on facebook. If school is cancelled in Saranac Lake due to weather, classes will also be cancelled for that day.

Class Etiquette

All students are encouraged to use the bathroom before class, especially our younger dancers.

No cell phones or electronics are permitted in the studio.

No food, drink (besides a leak proof water bottle) or gum is allowed in the studio.

The studio is a healthy snack zone to encourage all students to properly fuel their bodies for dance.

We will have water breaks during class. A leak proof water bottle is recommended and is to be kept in designated areas only.

Zero Tolerance Policy

​The Dance Sanctuary has a strict zero tolerance policy to any theft, vandalism, physical or verbal abuse, harassment, bullying, or the use of any illegal substances. Any student found to be in violation of this policy will have his or her enrollment terminated, and a refund will not be given.


The Dance Sanctuary and all its’ instructors, volunteers, and staff are not liable for personal injuries or loss of or damage to personal property. Dance is a very physical activity where injuries may occur. Each student and or parent or guardian of that student, is responsible to inform the instructor of any physical or cognitive limitations that may prevent full participation in class.

Photo Release

The Dance Sanctuary reserves the right to use any photography or video reproduction during the course of a performance or class for the school’s promotional purposes.